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You Are What You Drive – DRIVE Fast and Furious the sales of your book the only way YOU can!

A rather well known author once wrote; “What’s in a name?” If you paid $26,000 for a Chrysler mini-van, would it feel the same as driving a FireBird convertible? And what would have happened if Marion Morrison hadn’t changed his name to John Wayne? For those of you who have been reading my column since …

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When the Universe Calls, You’d Better Pick Up the Phone

There are definitely times in a writer’s life when life itself interferes with the writing process. My first novel “Red Wine for Breakfast” was published in 1999, the second “First Class Male” in 2001, (Lighthouse Press) then nothing for the next ten years when I decided to go with Createspace for “Undercover Reunion”.   Oh sure, …

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It's Who You Know! The Podcast

Bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow them.