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Get OUT of the Publishing Traffic Jam

In the early days of publishing the road to riches was a small highway littered with rejected manuscripts and abandoned dreams. Few who started out on the journey actually made it to the finish line. Many more either crashed and burned, or simply abandoned the trip altogether. For the financially independent, there was the alternate …

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What Writers Need to Do When We Run Out of Gas

There have been numerous articles written about writer’s block- that horrific time in our lives when our “Muse” takes a vacation and all creativity comes to a screeching halt. Web sites abound on the subject, with many experts giving their opinions on the causes and solutions, most of which we’ve all heard before. But the …

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Know Your Rights Before You’re Left Out!

When publishing was only a matter of paper and ink, and reading material was produced by hand, author’s “rights” were pretty simple. There were none. Whatever the author wrote, the author sold and the author kept the money. With the invention of the printing press, came a new industry, Publishing. The good news for authors …

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It's Who You Know! The Podcast

Bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow them.