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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

If Fiction Authors ARE Fictional, How do REAL Authors Find Success?

As fiction writers we see the world in a different way than most. We’re magicians in a land of skeptics; the court jesters who, for a brief moment, help the downtrodden forget how much they hate their rulers. We create hope for the hopeless, unlimited possibilities where everything seems impossible. Even when our own reality …

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Break Free From the Herd and be Heard

Before the publishing world was hit by the tsunami of digital and on-demand self-publishing, there was a certain amount of admiration and prestige associated with being a published author. Our family would congratulate us and brag to their friends about their mother, father, son, daughter, second cousin twice removed, whose name they would drop at …

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Can Visualizing Success Make It Happen?

The other day I was in a convenience store and noticed a rack with several books on sale by an author I didn’t know. My first thought was “that will never be my books”. Then, my inner voice smacked me in the face (metaphorically, of course) and replaced that thought with a vision of my …

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