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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

People Need People

People need people – At a time when humans need humans the most, we are forced into isolation. After every natural or man-made disaster, be it hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes or mass shootings, the masses rush to comfort one another in the streets. Strangers meet in the dark with candles to light up the night. …

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Poetry Art Now Available for Purchase

Creative artist Sarah Blakeman has created beautiful artwork from the poetry of Raven West. Order prints, framed or unframed, of these unique one-of-a-kind hand drawn illustrations! Click the Poetry Art button at the top of the page for additional prints and ordering information.

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Ventura County CA Orders Residents be Imprisoned in their Homes

ATTENTION VENTURA COUNTY, CA residents! While I realize the seriousness of the current health issue for older citizens, it is NOT the government’s “duty” to order healthy 75 year-olds to be “sheltered in their place of residence” or to be more accurate IMPRISONED in their homes to “protect” them for whatever reason. Where would they …

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