Froma Bird's Eye View

By Raven West

The Government Made Us Jobless, Now They’re Going to Make Us Homeless Too!

Closed businesses

Photo Courtesy Nam Y. Huh/AP

NEVER before in the history of our country, no matter diseases or wars has our government forced businesses to close and put so many people out of work.

Never has it EVER been a choice between earning a pay check, paying for rent and food, or taking a chance you’ll catch a deadly disease and pass it on to others. What do they expect people to do when the choice is money, or life?

Republicans seem to think the unemployed are being “rewarded” for not going back to work because the extra $600 is more then they’re usual paycheck. In some cases, that may be true, in many others it is not. Even if that were the case, with the extra $600, families can not only cover one month expenses, but can also save more for when the unemployment ends, as it eventually will.

What do they expect people to do when they’re not allowed to open a business, earn a living, pay their bills, because it’s NOW AGAINST THE LAW to earn a living?

The cry when this pandemic started back in March to  “Stay at home” is now a cry of desperation “we may have no home to stay in” IF the Senate Republicans do NOT extend the $600 unemployment past the due date of July 25th.

We can all agree that “Enough is Enough” – when it comes to all the restrictions, the stay-at-home mandates, mandatory masks, the cancellation of all social, family, sports, entertainment events you can be damn sure that we’re all screaming “Enough is Enough” – but we have very little choice until there is a vaccine to help fight this insidious virus.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of all these celebrities and advertisers on television that extol “we’re all in this together” when they’re receiving a hefty paycheck and the rest of us are worried about how we’re going to pay the rent on August 1st.

New Homeless due to CoVid 19

Photo courtesy of Allison Lee Isley/Lee Newspapers

“We’re all in this together” is probably the same line the Captain told the passengers and crew of the Titanic. It was probably what those in first class who managed to get into the lifeboats screamed to everyone else as the ship sank.

In this together? The annual salary Member of Congress is $174,000! You can be sure that all these elected Republicans and governors are still getting paid, BY US, the taxpayers, and they’re sitting in their comfortable homes and offices telling US that “enough is enough?”

Wonder what their cry would be if we all decided NOT to pay our taxes, NOT to pay their salary, because they decided we could not earn a living?

Then, we will be “in this together” Come November when they’re all voted out of office, and they’re all out of work and need to go on unemployment, they may feel a bit of what it’s like for the rest of us.

Until this DO NOT WORK order is lifted there ARE NO jobs to go back to, even if we wanted to, and most of us do.

The government cannot, on one hand, order business to close, then do nothing to help us financially. IT IS THEIR job to help those who elected you to office in the first place! Even those businesses that are allowed to remain open will have very few customers when no one has any money to buy anything!

Enough is NOT enough when YOU were the ones who forced us out of work in the first place, and if you don’t extend the extra unemployment, forced out into the streets as well.

If you think the riots and looting were bad during the “Black Lives Matter” protests, wait till you see what happens when you put American citizens of every skin color out into the streets with no food or shelter because you closed the businesses and did NOTHING to help the business owners.

Rioting, looting will escalate and there will be NO POLICE to stop them! What happened in June in a few cities will look like a tiny firecracker compared to the explosions which will occur all across the country.

The big difference is that YOU have the power to prevent this from happening. TODAY, NOW, IMMEDIATELY!!

The Democratic want this, now it’s up to the Republicans to get on board.

And don’t you DARE tell us that “Enough is Enough!”






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