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Help me finish “Vashti’s Daughter” a NaNoWriMo Novel in Progress since 2013

I first participated in the NaNoWriMo writing challenge in 2008 reaching the 50,000 word  goal, 2,000 words a day from November 1 – November 30, with my second novel First Class Male. 50,000 words is really only half a novel, but the daily goal was the key motivator for me to finish the book with the final word count of 95,000.

I again reached the 50,000 word goal at the end of November in 2011 with my third novel Undercover Reunion  coming in at just over 67,000.

Then, in November of 2013, I completed the challenge once again. My goal was to finish Vashti’s Daughter by March 15, 2014 – the Jewish Holiday of Purim. Unfortunately, I’ve missed that deadline every year since!

Want to Teach Your Daughters about Modesty? Tell Them about Queen Vashti –  On Sovereign Wings

“Vashti” by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

I’m embarrassed to admit that those 50,000 words have been sitting in cyberspace for the past 6 years! There are a number of excuses; I’ve changed jobs three times, changed addresses three times, had some additions to our family who live in three different time zones and, in general found a lot of reasons to procrastinate.

Also during that time, the plot, the characters and a ton of details have changed from my original synopsis, which might be the reason why its taken me so long to finally commit to FINISHING THE NOVEL before February 25! (Purim 2021).

But I needed something more tangible than my own motivation, which I must admit has been superseded by the much stronger force of procrastination. Since this blog now has over 100 followers, I’ll be posting ONE chapter a DAY starting September 1 and ask you all to take a few minutes to read the chapter and comment as you see fit on the homepage.

I’ve posted the first draft of Chapter 1 on the Vashti’s Daughter tab at the top of this page to help me get started with this challenge. The first draft is 27 chapters so each day I’ll be re-writing these until each chapter will be 100% fine tuned and ready to post to the blog with the eventual goal of FINISHING  this novel!

Anyone who adds a comment will receive a FREE copy of the entire book once it’s published!





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