Author Raven West

Vashti’s Daughter – Chapters 1 -5

Today is Saturday, September 5, 2020.

As promised, I have just completed the first five chapters of Vashti’s Daughter which is now available for you to review. As I can’t post a single chapter at time, all five chapters can be found by clicking the “Vashti’s Daughter” tab at the top of the page.

I must apologize in advance for the formatting issues. WordPress completely redesigned their editing process last week, so there are some issues with tabs, paragraphs and the like.

No worries. Once this novel is finished, and formatted perfectly, I will be sending it out on its submissions journey, filled with hazards, bumps and many, or (maybe not), rejections on its way to becoming a “real book” best-seller, Netflix original movie! No harm in dreaming BIG!

Pardon me, I gotta get back to it. My MUSE is calling.. (Nagging, screaming in my ear)

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