Author Raven West

Chapters Six-Nine

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. | Writing life,  Writing a book, Writing words

So much has been happening with Vashti’s Daughter, I’ve been playing catch-up with the chapter posts.

My characters are constantly talking to me! They argue, they add ideas I never thought of and sometimes take the story into an entirely different direction than what was in my original outline.

My husband hears me talking to these imaginary people and thinks I’m yelling at him which is why he never answers me, even when I AM yelling at him.

When I’m in public, my cell phone is great to cover-up this nasty writer’s dilemma. I can talk to myself when the phone is turned OFF and no one notices!

Such is the wonderful journey of writing. So very glad you are all along for the ride!

Enjoy the next installment of Vashti’s Daughter. Please don’t forget to return to the home page and share this with all your social media. Publishers like to see a HUGE following when an author submits their work!

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