Author Raven West

Chapter 11 – Are Anna’s dreams driving her crazy or is she really traveling back in time?

Now that I think I’ve been able to figure out the new WordPress format, I’m once again posting new chapters to the entire Vashti’s Daughter page. However to make it easier to read the latest, I’ve created chapter banners (see above) so they should be easy to find.

Also, to keep your interest, I will be posting a one or two line synopsis on each chapter so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into!

Chapter 11 – – Is Anna going crazy or just not getting enough sleep? Perhaps a visit to noted hypnotherapist Dr. Walters will give her some answers, or it might just lead to more questions – especially when she hears the recording of her session in Persian! Anna doesn’t speak Farsi.

Chapter 10 introduced Nathaniel Braverman – the author of Vashti’s Daughter and a direct decedent of Queen Esther. You will learn of his passion for basketball, his championship season at Syracuse University and what motivated him to give it all up and spend his senior year studying in Israel.

Chapter 12 preview: Syracuse U vs USC basketball at a charity event at Staples – Anna finally meets the mysterious Nathaniel (Nate) Braverman, WAS this the first time they met – or was it only the first time this time.

You’ll have to wait and find out!


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