Author Raven West

Read the Next Exciting Chapter of Vashti’s Daughter! Who is Nathaniel Braverman, Ph. D.?

I realize I’m 4 days behind on my “chapter a day” challenge, but truth is, I had planned on just re-writing and editing the first 27 chapters I’d already written…. but in the world of imagination and creativity what is planned is seldom ever what is actually what happens

As I was writing, so many more characters were “born” into the story. As a result, the intricacies of the plot kept changing. My network of ideas kept growing, my “imaginary” people kept interrupting my chain of thought to where I had to shout SHUT UP!! just to make them stop.

It didn’t work.

I’m now sticking to my new schedule. Day 1 – started writing at 8am – took lunch at noon – started writing again at 1:30, finished Chapter 10.. 4 pages at 5:00.

It may need some tweaks, but my eyes, fingers and backside are starting to feel the strain.


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