Author Raven West

Vashti’s Daughter

SO EXCITED!! Finished the edits for my 4th novel Vashti’s Daughter!! The book, chapter by chapter, is on the GoodNovel site!

The novel already has 777 readers, and 545 subscribers! Don’t actually have a cover yet, I just used a photo from my daughter’s work-view she sent, but I plan on sending it out through the traditional publishing process in the next month or so.

Here’s the pitch – When twenty-nine-year-old book publisher Anna Steine accepts her best friend’s invitation to her annual Purim party, she sees a vision of an ancient Persian queen and begins a journey that will change her life forever. After a mysterious manuscript keeps appearing at her office and home, Anna is haunted by dreams where she is living in 366 BCE. With the help of reincarnation experts, archeologists and a Kabbalah astrologer, Anna discovers she is, in fact, Adara, the reincarnated daughter of Queen Vashti. Risking her company and romantic relationship with Nathaniel Braverman, the author of the book, she must find a way to break a centuries old curse that finally brings her true happiness and changes the world’s view of a biblical heroine. 

Novel today, NETFLEX ( mini-series tomorrow!

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