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Chapter 18 – Anna FINALLY finishes reading Vashti’s Daughter

Anna finishes Nate’s manuscript, but the ending poses more questions than provides answers. Why didn’t Darius marry Adara? What happened at the engagement party? And will the true story of Vashti ever be told? Read this chapter and the ENTIRE first draft of Vasthi’s Daughter on my Raven West blog:

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Chapter 19 – Vashti reveals time travel to Anna/Adara in the castle garden

Just as Anna is to meet with Nathaniel Braverman and his agent Arthur Phillips to sign the publishing contract, Anna is once again transported back in time where she meets Vashti in the castle garden who calls her by Anna – Vashti knows the future – but how and why? Can Anna figure out if …

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Chapter 20 – Shifra Foretells Anna’s Future

After signing the publishing contract with Nate, Anna arranges a meeting with Shifra for another Tarot Card reading and learns much more than she wanted to know about her connection with Vashti, Nathaniel Braverman, the manuscript and the curse. Read this chapter and the entire first draft on my other blog:

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