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Vashti’s Daughter – the Synopsis

Yes, it IS true that writing a 1000 word synopsis of a 96,000 + word novel is REALLY difficult, but I DID IT! A writer’s life doesn’t take holidays off, not even for turkey… or latkes as the case may be. For my 100+ “fans” on this site and maybe some wandering agents/publishers out there …

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A New Road to Publishing Fame and Fortune?

There has been so much going on in my life after I completed the first draft of Vashti’s Daughter back in February, I had to take a break from the writing world. About a week ago I had some free time (about 10 minutes) and read through comments on the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Facebook page. …

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It’s Time for a LES MIZ Revolution!

IF I could only SING, I’d form a PROTEST flash mob and change a few words of the great Les Miserable song: “Do you Hear the people sing, singing the song of ANGRY men (and women) It’s the music of a people who WILL NOT WEAR MASKS AGAIN!” WTF? We were PROMISED if we got …

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