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Chapter 12 – The Mysterious Stranger

Once again, Anna returns to her dream world. It’s now three years after Adara was crowned as Queen and a lot has changed since. Anna discovers she can now expertly ride a horse. She goes down to the lake where she meets the mysterious handsome poet Darius, right before she wakes up in 2020. Goto …

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Let’s Have a P (tested positive) Covid-19 Party!

Like herpes, Covid-19 is a virus. Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease that any sexually active person can get. Once you get it, there is no cure but you’re not going to stop having sex, or lock yourself away indefinitely if you’re tested positive for the virus. (While it is very rare that herpes …

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I WON!!!

Some will vote in person, some will vote by mail but when it comes to voting for BEST NANA it was a simple hand count and I WON!! HANDS DOWN!! Best election I NEVER had to campaign for!

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