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Vashti’s Daughter

SO EXCITED!! Finished the edits for my 4th novel Vashti’s Daughter!! The book, chapter by chapter, is on the GoodNovel site!

The novel already has 777 readers, and 545 subscribers! Don’t actually have a cover yet, I just used a photo from my daughter’s work-view she sent, but I plan on sending it out through the traditional publishing process in the next month or so.

Here’s the pitch – When twenty-nine-year-old book publisher Anna Steine accepts her best friend’s invitation to her annual Purim party, she sees a vision of an ancient Persian queen and begins a journey that will change her life forever. After a mysterious manuscript keeps appearing at her office and home, Anna is haunted by dreams where she is living in 366 BCE. With the help of reincarnation experts, archeologists and a Kabbalah astrologer, Anna discovers she is, in fact, Adara, the reincarnated daughter of Queen Vashti. Risking her company and romantic relationship with Nathaniel Braverman, the author of the book, she must find a way to break a centuries old curse that finally brings her true happiness and changes the world’s view of a biblical heroine. 

Novel today, NETFLEX ( mini-series tomorrow!

A New Road to Publishing Fame and Fortune?

There has been so much going on in my life after I completed the first draft of Vashti’s Daughter back in February, I had to take a break from the writing world.

About a week ago I had some free time (about 10 minutes) and read through comments on the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Facebook page. There was a mention of a new form of publishing – digitally – through a company based in Singapore called Good Novel.

After doing some investigation to see if it was legit and didn’t charge anything, I decided to sign a non-exclusive contract with all four of my novels and as of last week I have 300 subscribers!

AND I’ll be getting PAID ( a whopping $50!) after I’ve posted the completed novel Vashti’s Daughter – which will also motivate me to edit each chapter thoroughly beforehand.

I’ve created a temporary cover for the book – (photo was taken by my daughter from her work window – she’s a pilot with United) but I’m not going to focus on that until the entire novel is posted.

The publishing world has changed SO much over the years. Vashti’s Daughter is set in 2017 – much of the facts are current – others not-so-much, but in the end it’s a really GREAT story!

Another writing site I’m also posting 3 chapters a week is Wattpad. Whether or not this will result in any income is questionable, but my novels are now on a variety of sites and are being read Internationally!

It’s fun to write, it’s also a great deal of fun to discover new ways of getting the work out there for more people to discover. Enjoy!

It’s Time for a LES MIZ Revolution!

IF I could only SING, I’d form a PROTEST flash mob and change a few words of the great Les Miserable song: “Do you Hear the people sing, singing the song of ANGRY men (and women) It’s the music of a people who WILL NOT WEAR MASKS AGAIN!”

WTF? We were PROMISED if we got the vaccine, we could THROW AWAY these ineffective, anti-social, suffocating POS, but because of a few A-HOLES who won’t, WE ALL HAVE TO SUFFER!

They say “don’t you want to protect other people?” HELL NO – it’s their choice not get the vaccine and possibly DIE. It’s NOT my responsibility to be forced to put a piece of cloth (made in CHINA BTW) over my mouth and nose just so THEY don’t get sick! It’s called thinning the herd.

We, as FREEDOM loving AMERICANS should exercise our RIGHTS to make our OWN choices – NOT be mandated by a few power hungry, control freaks who demand unquestionable submission!

With NO END in sight at this rate we’ll be covering our faces from the time we emerge from the womb – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY FACE and give us back our SMILES!

ONE DAY MORE????!!!!

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