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I DID IT!!!!

Vashti’s Daughter First Draft DONE!!

96,858 words, 174 single space pages.

Started Sept 9, 2020 – Typed the words THE END on Feb 14, 2021! TEN DAYS BEFORE MY DEADLINE!!! Now, comes the FUN part of editing/rewrite and the rest, but not for a few days!

Using a program called ProWritingAid to check for punctuation, spelling and any grammar issues.

Vasthi’s Daughter РA Los Angeles book publisher, who discovers a mysterious manuscript and learns she is the reincarnated daughter of a biblical queen from 366 B.C.E., must break a centuries old curse before it destroys her chances for love and success and that of all her future generations.

If ya gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!!

I’ve heard about dream boards but never thought about making one until I got close to finishing my 4th novel – so, here is mine – a Pulitzer prize in fiction, an Emmy for the Netflix series, a house in Santa Barbara with a view and a cool Chevy Camaro convertible – in garnet red (or midnight blue) or maybe both! If ya gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!!

Working WIPS with WFWA

Joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association a few months ago and have never enjoyed an organization of professionals so much! This will be the FINAL push I need to finish my fourth novel Vashti’s Daughter before February 24 – PURIM 5781!

Currently, I just passed the 85,000 word mark with only three chapters left of the story. That makes it my second longest novel – First Class Male was 96,000, although it started out as a 2,000 word short story!

The last three chapters ARE the most intense, plus an epilogue that will really be shocking! Maybe plan for a sequel? Updates as they happen!

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