Author Raven West


I DID IT!!!!

Vashti’s Daughter First Draft DONE!!

96,858 words, 174 single space pages.

Started Sept 9, 2020 – Typed the words THE END on Feb 14, 2021! TEN DAYS BEFORE MY DEADLINE!!! Now, comes the FUN part of editing/rewrite and the rest, but not for a few days!

If ya gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!!

I’ve heard about dream boards but never thought about making one until I got close to finishing my 4th novel – so, here is mine – a Pulitzer prize in fiction, an Emmy for the Netflix series, a house in Santa Barbara with a view and a cool Chevy Camaro convertible – in garnet red (or midnight blue) or maybe both! If ya gonna dream, might as well dream BIG!!

Working WIPS with WFWA

Joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association a few months ago and have never enjoyed an organization of professionals so much! This will be the FINAL push I need to finish my fourth novel Vashti’s Daughter before February 24 – PURIM 5781!

Currently, I just passed the 85,000 word mark with only three chapters left of the story. That makes it my second longest novel – First Class Male was 96,000, although it started out as a 2,000 word short story!

The last three chapters ARE the most intense, plus an epilogue that will really be shocking! Maybe plan for a sequel? Updates as they happen!

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