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I WON!!!

Some will vote in person, some will vote by mail but when it comes to voting for BEST NANA it was a simple hand count and I WON!! HANDS DOWN!! Best election I NEVER had to campaign for!

Bring Some Sunshine in Dark Times with Poetry

I recently found a book of poetry I published way back in 1998 and after reading what I’d written, felt so much better. This inspired me to share these poems with others who may also need a bit of “sunshine” to help them through these dark times.

Artist Sarah Blakeman created four beautiful watercolor paintings to enhance the visual experience  of the words – these are Homeward Bound, Waterfall,  Balloons & Butterflies and Doors and Windows.

Click cover to read the entire FLIPBOOK on–line!



The Perks of the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s been two about ten weeks since the world went a bit off its access and while there are many things to complain about, there are a lot more to enjoy!

Prior to the eviction of all road shows and product demonstrators, I was working four days a week at Costco. The company wouldn’t allow us to wear any colored nail polish or jewelry – so for the past 3 years I’ve had to leave my engagement ring at home and my nails were awful – breaking and chipping all the time… BUT now that I’m on “leave” LOOK AT THESE GREAT NAILS!! Did them myself yesterday since all the salons are closed.


Financial Perks:

Not bothering to blow dry my hair, not that fond of the curly look, but my husband likes it and it also covers any gray ones… so saving $ not going to a hair salon.

Wearing a mask and sunglasses when I’m at the store… no need to spend any $$ on makeup or sunscreen. The last time I put gas in my car was March 31 – it’s still nearly full – nowhere to go!

Watching some really great TV from the UK – creative talent all over YouTube – Voyager video reunion – special Broadway shows/concerts all w/out having to get dressed!

No traffic on the freeway, air is so clear I could smell grass being cut across the street! People in the stores – when I go out for groceries – are actually FRIENDLY.

When I go outside for a short walk around the block listening to Pandora – I can sing (off key) at the top of my lungs and there’s NO ONE w/in earshot to hear me!

With all this spare time, I joined to see if I could find any information on my paternal grandmother. Although I was very disappointed in my search, as all of my relatives on that side of the tree are either dead, or dead to me, I did discover one really great second cousin living in NY I hadn’t seen since we were kids. We talked on the phone for over an hour – it was really great!

For a person who enjoys always doing something, this doing nothing was difficult at first, but after about the eighth week, I kinda got used to it. Procrastination has become my favorite past time!

I’ll honestly be a bit sorry when the doctors find a vaccine and life once again returns to “normal”.

Normal rush hour traffic, normal smog in the air, normal crowds pushing and shoving in the stores, normal stress of not having enough free time.

It will happen, this too shall pass, but for today, I’m going back to bed.

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