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Chapter 12 – The Mysterious Stranger Books & Arts Museum | Unknown Painter, c. 1800 : European Man  on Horseback, Persia, Persian, Iran Miniature Art Print, Size 12 X 15  inches W/Border: Posters & Prints

Once again, Anna returns to her dream world. It’s now three years after Adara was crowned as Queen and a lot has changed since. Anna discovers she can now expertly ride a horse. She goes down to the lake where she meets the mysterious handsome poet Darius, right before she wakes up in 2020.

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Chapter 13 – Will a Syracuse Basketball game reveal the truth?

2003 Men's Basketball NCAA Championship Collection An inventory of its  collection at the Syracuse University Archives

Elaine invites Anna to a charity basketball game between Syracuse University and USC. Elaine’s law firm won a huge case, their expert witness who also went to Syracuse, played in the 2003 NCAA Championship game will be there. When Nate and Anna meet, Anna is shocked… he’s the mirror image of Darius, the handsome man she met in her dream, AND Nate is actually Nathaniel Braverman, PhD who wrote Vashti’s Daughter.

To be continued…..

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Chapter 14 – Nate Feels Strong Attraction to Anna

House of the Book by Sidney Eisenshtat. Brandeis-Bardin Institute, Simi  Valley, California. | Simi valley, Unique architecture, Brutalist buildings

Nate can’t stop thinking about Anna who he only just met the previous day at the SU/USC basketball game.

Will she attend his presentation: “Vashti – Heroine or Villain?” at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute House of the Book? or will he never see her again?

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