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Where to Find Gefiltes

Once a year on the 14th day of Nisan, some 10 thousand gefiltes swim to a secluded pond just off the Sea of Galilee on the northernest part of Israel. These little gefites occupy the pond for only 8 days, then disappear for an entire year. No one has ever been able to find out …

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If you missed the Pitch, watch it NOW!

Here’s my recorded pitch at theBookfest! I’m on right after Doree. There are comments on the right – PLEASE add yours to this page so I can promote it to other potential agents – thank you!

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The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Writer

In the spirit of the 2022 Winter Olympic games this month, here is an article I wrote during the Summer games in 2004. Different sports, but the analogy remains the same. Enjoy! Watching the Olympics this past September and seeing the profiles of all the athletes who were competing, made me realize how very much …

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