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Vashti’s Daughter

SO EXCITED!! Finished the edits for my 4th novel Vashti’s Daughter!! The book, chapter by chapter, is on the GoodNovel site! The novel already has 777 readers, and 545 subscribers! Don’t actually have a cover yet, I just used a photo from my daughter’s work-view she sent, but I plan on sending it out through …

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A New Road to Publishing Fame and Fortune?

There has been so much going on in my life after I completed the first draft of Vashti’s Daughter back in February, I had to take a break from the writing world. About a week ago I had some free time (about 10 minutes) and read through comments on the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Facebook page. …

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HOT off the Press!!

I’ve always found it much easier on the eyes to read a printed page and not stare at a computer screen, especially when it comes to reading a BOOK… or the first draft of what may, someday BECOME a “real” book! Here’s the “pitch” for my 97,000 word best seller to be: Vashti’s Daughter – …

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