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FREE Ebook Offer!!

Thank you Amy Hamilton for the opportunity to be part of your 24 Authors in 12 hours podcast! We spoke for 30 minutes on the topic of writing, being a published author and of course, my three novels. As a promotion I’m offering all 3 titles in ebook for FREE. Just go to my Smashwords …

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Read the Next Exciting Chapter of Vashti’s Daughter! Who is Nathaniel Braverman, Ph. D.?

I realize I’m 4 days behind on my “chapter a day” challenge, but truth is, I had planned on just re-writing and editing the first 27 chapters I’d already written…. but in the world of imagination and creativity what is planned is seldom ever what is actually what happens As I was writing, so many …

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Chapter 11 – Are Anna’s dreams driving her crazy or is she really traveling back in time?

Now that I think I’ve been able to figure out the new WordPress format, I’m once again posting new chapters to the entire Vashti’s Daughter page. However to make it easier to read the latest, I’ve created chapter banners (see above) so they should be easy to find. Also, to keep your interest, I will …

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It's Who You Know! The Podcast

Bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow them.