Author Raven West

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A WINNER!!!!

To say this was the most exciting challenge I’ve ever attempted and SUCCEEDED, is to put it mildly. With only 3 days to go, and 8,000 words to write, I really put my fingers and creativity into high gear!

Didn’t help that near the end, my main character said one line…ONE LINE, that took the entire plot into a completely different direction. I had to kill off one of the main characters, and I really hated to do that, but there just wasn’t any other way to solve the problem.

So, I show the really cool WINNERS certificate I printed hot off the press, to my 23 year old daughter and she says “You got a certificate for writing a bunch of words…so?”

Don’t ya just LOVE family? Well, I really can’t complain. It takes a writer to really understand this type of goal. Afterall, I didn’t train to run a marathon, in fact I pretty much sat on my ass from 9am this morning until 9pm tonight, and even though the contest didn’t really end until midnight on the 30th, they were already handing out the congrats to people who had a lot more time on their hands than I did, so I just HAD to get that little piece of paper, and yes, it is now in a frame next to those other pieces of paper in beautiful frames my 1977 BS college diploma and my 2007 Law Degree that pretty much have the same meaning as far as any real monetary value in today’s economy.

But it was such a personal triumph, even if my kids don’t quite “get it”.

The book could easily end right here, but there is still another chapter, a love scene, to add and some loose ends to tie up, and then, of course the hours and hours of re-writes and edits that will be necessary before I send my new baby out into the wild wild world of publication, so stay tuned!

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