Author Raven West

Review for “First Class Male”

Every so often in a writer’s life a reader takes the time to write a review that is so much more than “I liked the book”, that it makes this crazy profession worthwhile.

Recently, I was interviewed on a blog Romancing the Book

One of the readers won a copy of my second novel, “First Class Male”. She was kind enough to write a fabulous in depth review and critique of the novel. Here are some of the highlights:

I just finished First Class Male and Rachel and Alex ( the main characters) are still with me.

I liked the way the descriptions were woven into the story like the one about ex boyfriends and old shoes. And the line about the only zipper in the room was undone. That was done well and added such flavor.

I enjoyed seeing Rachael in action when she was in the courtroom and putting the case together. And it was good to see the Postal Service portrayed in a different light and getting a chance to see some of the inner workings of their world.

For the complete review, and also reviews of Red Wine For Breakfast, please visit my webpage

Read First Class Male digital e-book on Scribd

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