Author Raven West

Ventura County CA Orders Residents be Imprisoned in their Homes


While I realize the seriousness of the current health issue for older citizens, it is NOT the government’s “duty” to order healthy 75 year-olds to be “sheltered in their place of residence” or to be more accurate IMPRISONED in their homes to “protect” them for whatever reason. Where would they go anyway with EVERYTHING closed?

Healthy 75 year-olds are NOT stupid – they do NOT need to have the government arrest them for walking their dog or going to the apartment complex laundry!

Is the government going to compensate these US citizens for all the money they’re going to lose by not being allowed to go to work, even if it’s their own business if it’s outside of their homes?

Just WHO is going to issue these tickets? The overworked Venture sheriff’s department? And what about going to court to fight this unconstitutional restriction on personal freedom when the courts are all CLOSED?

I’m certain there are plenty of constitutional law attorneys  over the age of 75 who are lining up right now to file law suits against the county…I surely hope!

SENIORS OVER 75 – GO OUT OF YOUR HOMES – TAKE TO THE STREETS and PROTEST IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT let the government take your freedom away under the “guise” of protecting your health!

Today it’s 75 year olds, tomorrow it will be 65, then 55 then the ENTIRE adult population… STOP THIS NOW before it’s TOO LATE!!

Fortunately, I’m a very healthy 66 year old and for now this stupid “law” doesn’t apply to me, but if we don’t stop this violation of our individual liberties the government will be locking us up next!

See: County’s 75 and up ordered to shelter in place

3/18 Bill Westmiller comment:

Ventura County Supervisors should immediately repeal this foolish, misdirected, and unconstitutional ordinance. They should have fired the County Health Chief the minute he proposed it.

The Fourth Amendment requires a showing of probable cause to a judge that someone has committed a crime – or is a danger to others – before they can be imprisoned, even in their own residence. This Resolution applies to anyone over the age of 74 years. It is NOT a crime to be 75!

Nor is it a crime or any form of public endangerment to have any of the “comorbid” diseases that increase virus risk. This law, as written, doesn’t even require a showing that the aged person actually has the Corvid19 virus! The quarantine of non-infectious people is false imprisonment, subject to federal criminal charges.

I hope someone of means can bring this issue to court, but they probably won’t, unless they’re charged with a violation. The insidious problem is that tyrannical acts that violate rights get a pass if they suit the sentiments of politicians who have immunity from prosecution. By the time bad laws make it to court, they expire and the case is mute.

Nevertheless, the Supervisors should be embarrassed that they consented to such a terrible law in the midst of public fears and real problems.


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