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Vashti’s Daughter – the Synopsis

Yes, it IS true that writing a 1000 word synopsis of a 96,000 + word novel is REALLY difficult, but I DID IT! A writer’s life doesn’t take holidays off, not even for turkey… or latkes as the case may be. For my 100+ “fans” on this site and maybe some wandering agents/publishers out there …

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If we are all “Slaves of the Internet” – How do we Break Free?

In the October 26, 2013 issue of the New York Times Sunday Review, Tim Kreider wrote a poignant article on the difficulties, if not impossibilities,  of making a living as a writer in this highly competitive, zero pay world of on-line publications. Slaves of the Internet is a wake-up call for anyone who believes that having  a career …

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Why Does So Much of Today’s Popular Fiction Have Crappy Endings?

As a writer, it’s very difficult to rationalize the popularity of today’s fiction. What is worse is when one spends time and money buying “into” these popular works only to be totally frustrated with the many plot errors and, ultimately thinking of alternatives to how the author could have, or should have, written a more …

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