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Writers Beware! Don’t sign away your soul just to be published!

The life of a writer takes many strange turns and on the way we meet many strange people. We love to hear that the time we spend typing our guts onto a computer screen is appreciated, and we are ecstatic beyond words when a publisher is enthusiastic enough about our work to offer us a …

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Why Write?

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember and since the BIG 6-0 is less than a year away, I can’t remember what I ate for lunch let alone when I started putting my thoughts on paper and releasing them on an unsuspecting and, judging by the Amazon rankings, uncaring world. While …

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The E-Book Royalty Mess: An Interim Fix

From the Authors Guild – A perspective on what REALLY happens in the real world of e-publishing. It’s not a pretty sight: Negotiating a publishing contract is frequently contentious, but authors have long been able to take comfort in this: once the contract is signed, the interests of the author and the publisher are largely …

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It's Who You Know! The Podcast

Bridging the gap between Jewish leaders and those who follow them.