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Keep Your Eyes On The Road to Publishing Riches

There is a card posted on my computer which persistently asks: “Is what I’m doing right now taking me closer to or further away from my goal?” It’s an inspiration, and a curse. As a writer, the path to that goal on the “Road to Riches” is not always clearly marked. And many times, we …

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There Are No Shortcuts on the Road To Publishing Riches

The term “overnight” success, especially in publishing, has taken on a whole knew meaning since the onset of Print-On-Demand and Ebook industry a little over one year ago. Writers saw this new “Electronic Publishing Revolution” as a way to avoid painstaking submissions and endless rejection letters while seeing their works in print and available to …

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Running Out of Gas on the Road to Publishing Riches

With every two steps forward we take as writers, it seems we get pushed back three. It’s hard not to get discouraged and harder still to continue writing when the odds are being stacked higher and higher against us.

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