Author Raven West

First Class Male gets a Face Lift!

The saying “A Picture is Worth 1,000 words”, (or in the case of “First Class Male” around 96,000) has probably never been better illustrated than when it comes to the cover of a book. As a writer, I consider myself to be an artist with the literary word. My creativity with graphic design however,  is pretty much limited to stick figures.

When First Class Male was originally published in 2001, my publisher hired the graphic artist who consulted with me on the cover design. The book sold quite well, (especially to members of the National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS) at their national convention in Long Beach, California in 2005) but after more than a decade, I felt it was time to give the book a new look.

Being visually creatively challenged, I went on line and sought out someone who I felt would understand exactly what I was looking for. She was also the designer who created the cover for my third novel Undercover Reunion.

With my publisher having gone out of business, the only way I could offer my novel in print format was to re-publish the book with Creatspace, and since I had long since lost contact with the original cover artist, I decided to give the ole boy a face-lift along with a new ISBN #!

It is with great joy that I’m announcing the re-publication of First Class Male with a fantastic new cover and new price! It is already available in ebook format on and will soon be re-released in print on Amazon!

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