Author Raven West

Choosing the right PEN makes all the difference!


If you watched the season finale of Once Upon a Time, the show is ALL ABOUT THE WRITER/AUTHOR… Yes, us struggling writers are FINALLY the “heroes”, only this guy is so NOT. (I’m sure the actual writers of the show LOVE this, and the fact that Isaac, the writer is Jewish,, as am I and also the writer of OUAT, is equally an inside joke)

Now, he’s how MY life imitates art… or there is a SPY in my house taking notes…

In the opening of the episode the writer is asked to choose from several pens to decide if he’s THE author…Here is a pix of one of the pens that was on the desk in the show AND the exact pewter pen that is on my desk that I used to sign my books with!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the “magic” pen, so now I know why my books didn’t make the best seller list, I CHOSE THE WRONG DAMN PEN!!

I can’t write with quill and ink anyway!

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