Author Raven West

Get me OUT of the House so I can write!

At a recent marketing seminar a professional blogger extolled the fact she made nearly $100,000 last year writing at home and never had to get out of her slippers and pajamas. Or put on make-up, take a shower or interact with another human being. She also put on 50 pounds.

But hey, she made a ton of money!

As a writer, working at home sounds like a great perk. Unless you’re extremely disciplined, which I confess I am not, working at home is nearly impossible. Distractions are everywhere. I’ll write a few sentences, then check my email, see what’s going on in the news, read other author’s blogs, check out social media sites and discussion boards and before I know it, six hours has gone by and I’ve accomplished nothing.

If you are one of the fortunate, dedicated and disciplined writers who are able to work at home, I applaud you. For the rest of us who need a more structured environment and a need to have a reason to get up, get dressed and get OUT of the house, and not pay huge rental fees there is a solution.

The Virtual Office.

For a fraction of what it would cost to rent an office space full time, I found a place where I only pay for the time I’m actually in my office. It can be one or two days a week or a few hours every day, whatever fits my schedule.

I also have a receptionist who personally answers my phone calls, greets my appointments and takes messages. My office has a conference room if I need to schedule a staff meeting, and the best part, I have total peace and quiet with no distractions.

Writing is a profession. Professionals wake up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work.

Can you be a professional sitting alone at home in pajamas and slippers? Of course you can. Obviously it works for the blogger and I’m certain many other writers in our community as well.

I’d rather shop for clothes and shoes and have an office to go to work.

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