Author Raven West

Can Visualizing Success Make It Happen?


The other day I was in a convenience store and noticed a rack with several books on sale by an author I didn’t know. My first thought was “that will never be my books”. Then, my inner voice smacked me in the face (metaphorically, of course) and replaced that thought with a vision of my books being on that rack someday.

A positive image superseding a negative one.  For a moment, I could actually see my books for sale in the display, and I thought “why not?”

If there really is such a thing as positive thoughts creating a positive reality, then this was definitely a perfect example.

I believe that I’m a good writer. Not because I wrote three novels, but because I read all three novels. More than once. I have full confidence that my stories are exceptional, and that the time I spend agonizing over every little word that I write will somehow be recognized by millions of readers one day.

I started singing,badly I’ll admit, a song from Funny Girl “I’m the greatest star, I am by far, but no one knows it.

Once I replaced those negative thoughts with the positive ones, a strange thing happened. I checked my Smashwords account and discovered 31 Ebooks had sold in a week, another 6 one day later! I had actually broke the 900 mark!

Then, I received an email from a literally agent I had sent my book proposal to several months ago that she was very interested in representing me for Undercover Reunion and possibly the next two novel works in progress as well!!

Maybe this positive thinking idea really did work. Then again…

I remembered another best-selling book called the “Secret of Attraction”, wherein the theory is that if you send out positive energy to the universe, it would “attract” positive things in your life. The problem with this theory is that it goes against basic physics that states just the opposite. Or more precisely, opposites attract.  A common magnet validates this theory. So, based on reality, if you throw out positive energy, what attracts is the opposite… negative results.

When we buy a lottery ticket, there is a certain amount of time to dream of the what if. That time between the purchase and the dropping of those balls, the world is wide open to imagine so many possibilities. Then, the inevitable happens and not one of our numbers comes up. But we spend yet another dollar, or two, or five just for few more days of hope and dreams.

We imagine all those lovely possibilities.

So, as I looked at that rack of books that were written by someone else and imagined those were mine, and all those lovely possibilities, I went home and booted up my laptop and started writing. Even if it is only this blog. Even if only 154 people read these words, taking action was so much more gratifying than sitting and hoping and quoting some old song.

Positive thoughts are great, but positive actions are so much better! Dreams come true with a great deal of hard work and a bit of luck. The only real positive energy is the action that we take based on those positive thoughts. Buy that lottery ticket. Send your resume to that perfect job you want. Go to conferences, network, email, write blogs, re-tweet, contacts and follow everyone to build your fan base. Don’t just sit around sending positive vibes into a black universe that has no interest in your dreams. Make those dreams reality!

So, keep dreaming, keep hoping and if it helps, keep praying. But most of all…

Keep writing.

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