Author Raven West

The Decade in Review 2010-2020


Since 1968 I’ve been filling pages of a yearly diary. These books came from an insurance company in my home town of Ellenville, NY which is now owned by a high school friend of mine.

Every New Year’s Eve for 42 years after, I’d perform a “retirement ritual” where I would lay out all the past years’ journals, read through a few, add the current past year to the pile and return the entire collection to their well-protected memory box.

It was always so exciting starting a new book – so many empty pages yet to be filled and the smell of those brand new pages were both exciting and a bit terrifying.

Unfortunately, the company stopped giving away these books in 2010 and my annual ritual died. 10 years ago I purchased a new journal, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t have nearly the amount of time to write in a personal journal, (I was an assistant edior writing daily about irrigation and erosion!) nor did I really find the need to use this method as a way to resolve emotional issues (mostly having to do with a variety of members of the opposite sex).

As a result, the journal I started in 2010 is just this year reaching the final few pages!  Instead of having a year to reflect on, I have an entire decade! IN ONE BOOK.  If I forget anything, there’s always FaceBook and Google Search to remind me, tools that really didn’t exist 10 years ago!

So, here it is.. My DECADE in review. Beginning with a “then and now” photo:

a decade of me.jpg

What a difference a decade makes! I’m sooo very thankful I do NOT have to make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight!

Here are the highlights of the past decade with hope the next 10 years and my next blank journal I will purchase tomorrow – will be just as exciting!


  • Bill and I celebrate 30 YEARS of legal co-habitation!
  • Kim and Justin get married
  • Published “Undercover Reunion”
  • First 50,000 words of Vashti’s Daughter
  • Keynote Speaker at Care Giver Conference in Ellenville


  • Lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers
  • Formed the Green Industry Speakers Bureau


  • Finished first ½ Marathon
  • First Grandson – Kim and Justin’s baby Julian born
  • Started working for Weight Watchers
  • Moved to Oxnard


  • Finished 2nd ½ Marathon
  • Michelle and Barak engaged
  • Finished 3rd ½ Marathon with Michelle and Tandy in July
  • 60th Birthday Celebration!


  • Michelle and Barak get married
  • Left WW – Published River Ridge Living
  • Moved to Channel Islands Harbor
  • Column “Heard It On the Grapevine” for Citizens Journal
  • Finished 4th ½ marathon
  • Granddaughter – Kim and Justin’s baby Calista born


  •  Tandy and Tim get married
  • Finished first 5k marathon


  • Tandy, Michelle and I see final performance of Les Miz on Broadway in NYC
  • Michelle and Barak move to New Jersey
  • Michelle and Barak get married
  • Completed second 5K – Santa to the Sea on my birthday!


  • Second Grandson born – Tandy and Tim have baby Derek
  • Magazine Folded
  • Started working for MK Marketing Brand Ambassador for Qunol
  • Started working as a sales agent for SENTEXT text message marketing
  • Moved to Camarillo
  • Elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County Chair


  • Third Grandson (fourth grandchild) born – Michelle & Barak have baby Gideon
  • Taped “Storyteller Project” a Hanukkah Miracle


  • Forth Grandson (fifth grandchild) born – Tandy and Tim have baby Logan


TO BE CONTINUED………………………………..




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